CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Questions

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Questions

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CBSE Class 10 Social Science is an important and comprehensive subject that provides students with a deeper understanding of society, history, geography, economics, and political processes. This subject aims to cultivate critical thinking, analytical skills, and a sense of awareness about the world we live in. The curriculum typically covers a wide range of topics, including India's struggle for independence, democratic governance, resource management, and global challenges. offers a vast compilation of over 80,000 questions, covering various question types, including CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers. This resource proves highly beneficial for students preparing for their CBSE Class 10 examinations, providing them with comprehensive preparation material.

An Introduction to CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Questions

CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers by are created to align with the syllabus. These expertly designed questions provide a comprehensive and well-organized review of the exercises prescribed in CBSE Class 10 Social Science. Following the CBSE pattern with utmost precision, these error-free questions ensure accurate and effective exam preparation, significantly enhancing students' likelihood of achieving success in their exams.


The educational system has become highly competitive. Parents and students are utilizing all available resources to achieve excellence. In this context,'s platform confers a considerable edge due to its flexibility, enabling students to access resources at their convenience, even amidst busy schedules. Moreover, parents greatly appreciate the platform's real-time progress tracking and performance analysis capabilities, as they provide valuable insights into their child's academic progress.

Importance of CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Questions

The significance of CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers for students lie in their potential to significantly enhance academic achievements and exam readiness. The availability of these relevant questions can play a pivotal role in boosting a student's overall performance, and the following points underscore their importance:

  • Better Exam Performance: CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers serve as valuable learning tools that facilitate a deeper understanding of the subject. When students engage with these Social Science Class 10 important questions, they are exposed to various aspects of the curriculum comprehensively. This helps in clarifying doubts and reinforces key concepts, leading to improved academic performance.
  • Targeted Exam Preparation: The vast syllabus of CBSE Class 10 Social Science can be overwhelming for students, making it challenging to focus on every topic with equal attention. However, CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers offer a strategic advantage. These questions are carefully curated to cover the most critical topics and frequently asked concepts in the examinations. By focusing on Class 10 SST important questions during their preparation, students can channel their efforts towards the areas that hold the highest weightage and relevance.
  • Exam Pattern Familiarity: CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers are designed to align with the examination pattern and format prescribed by the CBSE board. Regular practice of these important questions for Class 10 SST exposes students to the types of questions commonly asked in the exams. This instils a sense of confidence and comfort in students when they face the actual test.
  • Conceptual Clarity: CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers encompass a diverse range of topics and concepts. By attempting these Important Questions Class 10 Social Science, students are exposed to various dimensions of the subject, which promotes a deeper level of conceptual clarity. As they engage with different types of questions, they are required to apply their knowledge to various scenarios, strengthening their understanding of the underlying principles.

Marks Weightage for the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Important Questions

Course Structure Class X
Units Unit Name Marks
I History (India and the Contemporary World – II) 20
II Geography (Contemporary India – II) 20
III Political Science (Democratic Politics – II) 20
IV Understanding Economic Development 20
Total 80

Get  Chapter wise Important Questions for CBSE Class 10 Social Science

Chapter No. Chapter Name
Chapter 1 The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
Chapter 2 Nationalism in India
Chapter 3 The Making of a Global World
Chapter 4 The Age of Industrialization
Chapter 5 Print Culture and the Modern World
Chapter 6 Resources and Development
Chapter 7 Forest and Wildlife Resources
Chapter 8 Water Resources
Chapter 9 Agriculture
Chapter 10 Minerals and Energy Resources
Chapter 11 Manufacturing Industries
Political Science
Chapter 12 Power – sharing
Chapter 13 Federalism
Chapter 14 Gender, Religion and Caste
Chapter 15 Political Parties
Chapter 16 Outcomes of Democracy
Chapter 17 Development
Chapter 18 Sectors of the Indian Economy
Chapter 19 Money and Credit
Chapter 20 Globalization and The Indian Economy

Benefits of CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions

Here are some key advantages of using CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers:

  • Flexibility and Convenience: The availability of CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers on online platforms like offers students unmatched flexibility and convenience in their study routine. Unlike traditional study materials that may be limited by time and location, these online resources can be accessed anytime and anywhere, allowing students to tailor their learning schedule to suit their individual preferences and commitments. Students can make the most of their available time and consistently engage with these SST Class 10 important questions to reinforce their understanding.
  • Real-Time Progress Tracking: One of the most advantageous features of online platforms like is the ability to track progress in real-time. As students attempt CBSE Class 10 SST important questions, the platform's sophisticated tracking system records their performance. This real-time progress tracking provides students with immediate feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. It enables them to identify areas where they excel and areas that require improvement.
  • Self-Assessment and Improvement: Regularly engaging with CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers empowers students with a powerful self-assessment tool. By attempting a diverse range of Class 10 Important Questions Social Science, they can gauge their grasp of the subject matter and evaluate their level of preparedness for the exams. The process of self-assessment not only allows students to gauge their knowledge but also promotes a sense of responsibility for their learning journey.
  • Parental Involvement: The benefits of CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers extend beyond the students themselves. Online platforms like offer features that facilitate parental involvement in their child's academic journey. With the ability to track their child's progress and performance through the platform's performance analysis features, parents can stay informed about their child's strengths and areas that require attention.
cbse class 10 Social science questions answers gives you the Competitive Edge

Here is how can help you gain an edge over your competition:

  • offers an extensive CBSE question bank, comprising over 80,000 questions across eight different question types, providing students with a wide range of resources.
  • Students can customize their tests on by selecting specific subjects, chapters, question types, and difficulty levels, optimizing their exam preparedness according to their individual needs.
  • The platform's expert assessment of student answers ensures precise and constructive feedback, fostering continuous academic growth.
  • Comprehensive performance reports on aid students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to focus their study efforts effectively.


By making use of's resources, including CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers, students gain a valuable edge over their peers. This fosters a deeper understanding of subjects and leads to improved outcomes in CBSE exams. While many students may search for important social science Class 10 questions online, it is crucial to acknowledge the significance of engaging with a comprehensive online platform like for achieving academic excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I get full marks in Social Science Class 10 CBSE?

Ans: To achieve full marks in CBSE Class 10 Social Science, a focused and strategic approach is essential. Start by thoroughly understanding the entire syllabus, ensuring you are familiar with all the topics and chapters. Use the CBSE Class 10 Social Science NCERT textbook as your primary resource, practice with previous years’ papers and sample papers to understand the exam pattern and question types. Get CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers and practice them to build confidence. Create a well-structured study plan, allocating sufficient time to each subject and chapter, with emphasis on weaker areas.

Q2. Is CBSE Class 10 Social Science tough?

Ans: CBSE Class 10 Social Science is typically considered to have a moderate-to-easy difficulty level. The challenge arises for many students due to the ineffectiveness of rote learning in this subject. Instead, a deeper understanding of the concepts and their application in answering questions is crucial. By adopting appropriate preparation methods, such as utilizing CBSE Class 10 Social Science important questions and answers, you can transform it into your highest-scoring subject.

Q3. Why do I need important questions for CBSE Class 10 Social Science?

Ans: Having access to Social Science Class 10 CBSE important questions is crucial for several reasons. These Social Science Questions Class 10 help in better understanding the subject matter by covering key topics and concepts that are likely to be asked in the exams. They act as valuable study resources, allowing students to focus their efforts on the most relevant areas. Social Science Important Questions Class 10 2023 also familiarize students with the exam pattern, structure, and types of questions that they may encounter during the exams. This boosts their confidence and reduces exam-related stress. Attempting a diverse range of SST Important Questions Class 10 2023 facilitates self-assessment, enabling students to gauge their level of preparedness and identify areas that require further improvement.

Q4. How can help my child?

Ans: offers online exam preparation assistance to students. With a range of Social Science important questions for Class 10, students can prepare for their board exams in a structured manner. With’s important questions, you get an expert-curated set of questions and answers with a range of other benefits.

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