ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Important Questions

ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Important Questions

Exam preparation with oswal.ioExam preparation with oswal.io

ICSE Class 10 Mathematics often stands as a formidable challenge for many students. The complex concepts and intricate problem-solving can invoke a sense of fear and anxiety. However, it's essential to understand that with the right approach and resources, this subject can be conquered. oswal.io provides a valuable solution in this journey. With its repository of ICSE Class 10 Mathematics important questions and answers, it offers students a focused way to grasp crucial mathematical concepts, practice extensively, and build confidence. This combination of expertly curated study materials and a structured approach can be the key to not only overcoming the fear of mathematics but also excelling in this critical subject.


Proficiency in mathematics is increasingly crucial in various professions, from sciences to finance and technology. Hence, students should leave no stone unturned in their preparation. In today's competitive academic landscape, ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Important Questions and Answers are invaluable resources for students. These class 10th important maths questions help in thorough preparation for exams and lay a strong foundation in Mathematics. They also serve as a focused tool for comprehensive understanding, targeted practice, and ultimately, achieving better scores in ICSE exams, which can significantly impact their career prospects.

Why oswal.io?

oswal.io is preferred by many students for exam preparation because we offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to learning. With a vast repository of study materials, including important questions and answers for various subjects, oswal.io provides students with the resources they need to excel in their academic journey. Our platform's flexibility allows students to study at their own pace and convenience, making learning efficient and enjoyable. Additionally, features like real-time progress tracking and performance analysis ensure that students can monitor their growth and focus on areas that need improvement. By opting for Oswal.io, students gain a valuable edge in their educational pursuits, enabling them to achieve their academic goals effectively.

Importance of ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Important Questions

ICSE Class 10 Mathematics is a subject that demands precision and clarity of concepts. In this context, the importance of ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Important Questions and Answers cannot be emphasized enough. Here is why the ICSE Class 10 Maths question and answer set is important for students:

  • Better Conceptual Grasp: These Class 10 Maths important questions serve as tools to help you understand fundamental mathematical concepts. By practicing these Class 10 Important Questions Maths, you won’t just memorize formulas but gain a solid grasp of the underlying principles. This ensures you can apply these concepts to solve a wide range of mathematical problems, making your knowledge more versatile and adaptable.
  • Strategic Preparation: The ICSE class 10 mathematics important questions and answers allow you to strategically allocate your study time and resources. Instead of spending equal time on all topics, you can recognize key areas where you need more effort. This strategic approach optimizes your preparation and boosts your chances of performing well in the exam.
  • Reduced Study Overload: The ICSE Class 10 Mathematics syllabus can be vast and intimidating. Important questions Maths Class 10 help to bring it down into manageable pieces. You can approach your studies with confidence, knowing that you are covering the most crucial aspects of the syllabus. This prevents you from feeling overwhelmed, reducing stress, and allowing for more effective learning.
  • Improved Retention: Regular practice with each class 10 maths important question isn't just about preparing for an exam; it's about mastering mathematical concepts for the long term. When you repeatedly attempt these Class 10th Important Questions Maths, you solidify your understanding of the subject matter.
  • Effective Revision: As the exam date approaches, efficient revision becomes paramount. ICSE class 10 mathematics important questions and answers serve as a comprehensive revision tool, allowing you to systematically revisit and reinforce your understanding of critical topics.

Benefits of ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Important Questions

Here are some benefits of using ICSE class 10 Maths most important questions and answers:

  • Instills Confidence: Regular practice with these Important Questions Maths Class 10 instills a sense of confidence in you and makes you more self-assured in your mathematical abilities, knowing that you have honed your skills through consistent practice. This confidence is invaluable during the ICSE Mathematics exam.
  • Refines Skills: ICSE class 10 mathematics important questions and answers are carefully crafted to challenge students and refine their problem-solving and analytical skills. By tackling a variety of mathematical problems, you become adept at dissecting complex questions, formulating strategies, and arriving at accurate solutions.
  • Reduces Exam Stress: Familiarity with the types of class 10 mathematics question answer variants and exam format through important questions significantly reduces exam stress and anxiety. Students who have practiced with these maths important questions for 10th class are less likely to be caught off guard during the actual exam.
  • Improves Time Management: Effective time management is crucial in the ICSE Mathematics exam, where students face time constraints. Class 10th maths important questions help students develop the ability to allocate their time efficiently to different sections of the paper. This ensures that you can complete the exam within the stipulated time and maximize your scoring potential.
  • Higher Scoring Opportunities: Excelling in class 10th important questions for class 10 maths can pave the way for higher scores in the ICSE exam. Since these class 10 imp questions maths are strategically selected to cover critical topics, performing well in them can significantly impact your overall score.

Marks Weightage for ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Important Questions

The examination consists of a single paper lasting two and a half hours, for 80 marks, along with an Internal Assessment worth 20 marks. This paper is divided into two sections, Section I (40 marks) and Section II (40 marks). Section I comprises mandatory short-answer questions, while in Section II, candidates must choose and respond to four out of seven questions.

ICSE Board Class 10 Mathematics  Chapter wise Important Questions

Chapter No. Chapter Name
Chapter 1 Goods and Service Tax (GST)
Chapter 2 Banking
Chapter 3 Shares and Dividends
Chapter 4 Linear inequations
Chapter 5 Quadratic Equations in one variable
Chapter 6 Ratio and proportion
Chapter 7 Factorization
Chapter 8 Matrices
Chapter 9 Arithmetic Progression
Chapter 10 Geometric Progression
Chapter 11 Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 12 Reflection
Chapter 13 Similarity
Chapter 14 Loci
Chapter 15 Circles
Chapter 16 Constructions
Chapter 17 Mensuration
Chapter 18 Trigonometry
Chapter 19 Statistics
Chapter 20 Probability

oswal.io gives you the Competitive Edge

Here's how oswal.io can give you a competitive advantage:

  • Extensive ICSE question bank: Offering more than 80,000 questions spanning eight distinct question types.
  • Customizable tests: Allowing students to tailor their tests by choosing specific subjects, chapters, question types, and difficulty levels to enhance their exam preparation.
  • Expert answer evaluation: Providing precise feedback from experts to promote continuous improvement in academic performance.
  • Comprehensive performance reports: Enabling students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, thus allowing for more targeted and effective study efforts.


In summary, oswal.io's ICSE Class 10 mathematics important questions and answers serve as valuable tools to enhance your understanding of subjects and boost your scores in the ICSE exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Are there any specific strategies for solving the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics word problems?

Ans : First, it's crucial to read the problem carefully and identify the key information. Translate this information into mathematical equations, define unknowns, and plan your approach systematically. oswal.io's ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Important Questions and Answers can be a valuable resource for practicing these problem-solving strategies. They provide a wide range of word problems and solutions, allowing students to hone their skills and gain confidence in tackling different types of word problems effectively.

Q2 : How should I revise for the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics exam effectively?

Ans :  To revise effectively for the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics exam, create a structured revision schedule that covers all topics. Focus on key formulas, concepts, and problem-solving techniques. ICSE Class 10 Maths Important Questions 2023 can be a powerful tool for your revision. Practice these important questions extensively to reinforce your understanding and problem-solving skills. Additionally, solve previous year's question papers and take mock tests to simulate the exam environment. This approach, combining comprehensive revision with ample practice, will help you prepare thoroughly for the exam.

Q3 : What should I do on the day before the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics exam?

Ans: On the day before the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics exam, it's essential to focus on effective revision rather than learning new topics. Review important formulas, concepts, and key points from your notes. Solve a few practice problems or Class X Important Questions Maths to reinforce your understanding. Stay organized, ensure you have all required stationery and identification documents ready, and get a good night's sleep. Avoid last-minute cramming, as it can increase stress. Stay relaxed and mentally prepared for the exam, ensuring you're in the best possible condition for optimal performance.

Q4 : How can I balance my time between preparing for ICSE Class 10 Mathematics and other subjects?

Ans: Create a structured study schedule that allocates specific time slots to each subject, including Mathematics. Prioritize subjects based on your strengths and weaknesses, dedicating more time to challenging ones. Set clear goals for each study session to maintain focus and productivity. Remember to take short breaks to prevent burnout. Additionally, regularly review your schedule and make adjustments as needed to ensure you're covering all subjects adequately.

Q5 : What is the most important topic in mathematics class 10 in ICSE?

Ans: To score well in ICSE Class 10 Mathematics, it's crucial to strike a balance among various topics, but some topics are more likely to yield good marks due to their relatively straightforward nature and frequent appearance in exams. Algebra offers opportunities for strong performance with practice. Geometry topics are often presented in a way that allows for clear application of concepts, making them favorable for scoring. Statistics usually involve direct application and can contribute positively to your score.

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