CUET Mock Test for Political Science

CUET Mock Test for Political Science

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Understanding CUET Mock Tests for Political Science

Political science is one of the most sought-after undergraduate courses, where many talented aspirants aim to learn more about government, state, and global politics. As one of the most in-demand courses, gaining access to the best universities can be challenging. However, students can opt for CUET as a gateway to centralised universities across India offering the best courses in political science.
The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) has gained immense popularity as a standardised exam empowering students with access to the most coveted educational institutions in the country. Cracking the exam has been made easy with CUET mock tests in political science, where students can take the tests and accustom themselves to the format of the CUET.
The CUET mock tests in political science mirror the format, question types, difficulty levels and time constraints of the CUET exam, allowing students to gauge their preparedness for the exam while offering multiple rounds of feedback on the subject. Mock tests for political science serve as a tool to better prepare for the CUET political science section.

Importance of CUET Mock Tests

Mock tests are crucial in preparation for the CUET political science section. They act as a diagnostic tool, evaluating your readiness to take the exam and your knowledge of the subject. However, the function of mock tests goes beyond this. They train students to counter exam anxiety, hone time management skills and offer deep insights into areas of strength and weakness.
Mock tests mirror the pattern and difficulty of the actual CUET exam. When used regularly and effectively, the CUET mock test in political science has a stellar impact on exam performance. 

Overview of the CUET Political Science section

The political science section of CUET is a crucial component for candidates aspiring to pursue an undergraduate degree in political science and related fields. The section aims to evaluate the candidates' comprehension of political theories, concepts, ideologies, governance systems, and contemporary political issues by covering topics from political theory, comparative politics, international relations, public administration, political economy, and Indian politics.
The test features multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and essay-type questions based on which the candidates test their ability to apply theoretical knowledge, analyse case studies, and articulate informed opinions on complex political matters.

Why Mock Tests are Crucial for CUET Political Science preparation

Mock tests are an indispensable tool to prepare for the CUET. The mock test of political science CUET mirrors the settings of the exam for candidates to experience the intricacies of the exam first-hand. They serve as an excellent means to revise the entire syllabus and a diagnostic tool to help students understand their preparedness for the CUET. 
Mock tests in political science cover the length and breadth of the subject while enabling students to identify the areas of improvement along with the sections that might need more revision. With tests like, candidates get an in-depth analysis of each test, giving detailed insights into their performance across each section. The analysis also helps the candidates identify chapters needing better preparation, insights on time taken and other critical analyses that can further optimise performance.

Benefits of taking Mock Tests

Practising political science class 12 CUET mock tests for political science yields the following benefits

  • Thorough Revision of Political Science Questions: The political science mock tests serve as the ideal means to revise the entire syllabus with tailored questions from each of the units from both sections - Politics in India Since Independence and Contemporary World Politics. Attempting 5-10 mock tests can easily accustom candidates to the format and questions of CUET, imparting enough confidence to ace the political science section of the exam.
  • Familiarisation with the Exam Format: Practicing mock tests in political science helps students become familiar with the exam format, improving the overall level of preparedness and instilling confidence to ace the CUET exam.
  • Identifying Weaknesses: The benefits of mock tests transcend revisions and evaluating preparedness. They help candidates identify areas of weaknesses and gaps in understanding basic concepts. With insights specific to the political science section, candidates will have a clear picture of allocating their time and bandwidth to optimise their performance.
  • Better Time Management: One of the many benefits of mock tests is inculcating time management. When practicing for CUET with mock tests for political science, candidates can learn the nuances of time management to help them complete the exam on time. Consistent practice allows candidates to craft and deploy strategies to ensure each session brings them closer to the expected timeframe for completion.
How Mock Tests Improve Performance

Mock tests generate a simulated environment that mirrors the CUET test conditions to foster familiarity with questions, format, and time limit. This promotes confidence and eliminates test-related anxiety, ensuring candidates are more composed on the exam day. Mock tests are pivotal in enabling self-assessment, helping candidates understand their readiness for the CUET and optimise their performance for success in the exam.

Choosing the Right CUET Mock Test for Political Science

Over the years, CUET has become a popular exam, making millions of resources accessible on the internet. However, when preparing to succeed, candidates must have access to the best resources that help them prepare thoroughly. Experts recommend investing time to identify mock tests for political science that offer value in the long run, bringing you closer to your goal.

Features of a good Mock Test

Here are some key features of the ideal political science CUET mock test

  • Relevance to CUET Syllabus: The mock tests must reflect the CUET political science syllabus. The test should cover all units, topics and subtopics specified in the syllabus and come from reputable sources with expertise in CUET preparation.
  • Quality: Choose mock tests with questions that mirror the exact format and difficulty level representing political science concepts, theories, and applications. Questions should assess candidates' understanding of political theories, governance systems, international relations, and other relevant topics, per the CUET syllabus.
  • Accessibility: Accessibility is paramount for effective practice. Candidates should opt for mock tests available online or through study materials, allowing for convenient and flexible practice sessions. Digital platforms like cater seamlessly to facilitate seamless practice sessions for CUET political science preparation.
  • Feedback Mechanism: An ideal mock test should incorporate a strong feedback mechanism that provides detailed explanations for answers. Feedback enables candidates to understand the reasoning behind correct answers, learn from their mistakes, and refine their understanding of political science concepts.

CUET Political Science Mock Paper Test Preparation Tips

Understanding the syllabus

The political science curriculum aims to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of political dynamics in India and the global setting. The CUET political science mock test 2024 syllabus has 19 units under two sections - Politics in India since Independence and Contemporary World Politics. Across the ten and nine modules in each division, a broad range of subjects is linked to international events and Indian politics.
Every part consists of several units that address different aspects of political evolution. The period of one-party dominance, threats to the Congress system, regional aspirations and conflicts, and modern social movements are all covered under the heading Politics in India since Independence. Conversely, Contemporary World Politics addresses issues including the end of the Cold War, US supremacy, other centres of power, and international concerns like the environment and human rights.

Politics in India Since Independence

  • The Era of One-Party Dominance
  • Nation-Building and Its Problems
  • Politics of Planned Development
  • Indian External Relations
  • Challenge to and Restoration of the Congress System
  • Crisis of the Constitutional Order
  • Regional Aspirations and Conflicts
  • Rise of New Social Movements
  • Democratic Upsurge and Coalition Politics
  • Recent Issues and Challenges

Contemporary World Politics

  • Cold War Era in World Politics
  • Disintegration of the ‘Second World’ and the Collapse of Bipolarity
  • US Dominance in World Politics
  • Alternative Centres of Economic and Political Power
  • South Asia in the Post-Cold War Era
  • International Organisations in a Unipolar World
  • Security in the Contemporary World
  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Globalisation and Its Critics Economic

Weightage of questions by topic:

Topics Weightage
Recent Developments in Indian Politics 8-9
Challenges to the Congress System 5
The End of bipolarity 2-3
Cold War Era 3-4
US Hegemony in World Politics 2-3
Alternative Centers of Power 2-3
Contemporary South Asia 2-3
International Organizations 2-3
Security in the Contemporary World 2-3
Globalisation 2-3
Environment and Natural Resources 2-3
Time management strategies

To optimise your performance in Political Science CUET mock exams, begin by familiarising yourself with the exam pattern and the distribution of questions. Allocate time strategically, prioritising questions that require in-depth analysis and critical thinking. Ensure setting aside sufficient time to question types based on complexity and mark allocation. Be sure to address each aspect comprehensively and not skip any section deliberately.
Practice mock tests from under timed conditions to simulate the CUET environment. This will help you evaluate your timings and subsequently refine your time allocation strategies. Prioritise your reading based on the weightage of topics in the syllabus, efficiently managing time for both familiar and unfamiliar areas.
Avoid spending too much time on individual questions by marking challenging ones for review and returning to them later if time permits. Reserve time at the end of the exam for reviewing and revising your answers, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

In the CUET Political Science section, certain pitfalls can hinder overall performance. A superficial understanding of political concepts, neglecting current affairs, incomplete syllabus coverage, poor time management, overlooking essay-type questions, and neglecting mock tests can have dire consequences.
Overcome these challenges by strengthening your understanding of political theories, staying updated with current events with the help of quality resources, being sure to cover the entire syllabus, manage time efficiently using the above-mentioned time management strategies, prioritise essay-type questions, and regularly practice with mock tests on

Analysing CUET Political Science Mock Test Performance

How to review Mock Test results

Mock tests are great for practice and revision but they also serve as an excellent means to review performance and gather insights for performance optimization. Leverage in-depth analysis of mock test performance on platforms like The platform gives a comprehensive overview of the performance along with detailed pointers on subject level, test level and question level performance. This helps candidates gain a deeper understanding of strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement.

Identifying areas for improvement

To identify areas for improvement, thoroughly review your performance in mock tests such as Focus on questions that you consistently answer incorrectly or find challenging, as they highlight areas needing additional study and practice. Analyse your performance periodically to uncover recurring patterns or themes. Maintain a record of your progress to track improvements over time and adjust your study strategy accordingly.

cuet political science mock test freecuet political science mock test free


While preparing for CUET, mastering the political science section is paramount for students aiming to pursue a fruitful career. Leverage the power of CUET mock tests for political science to reap multifaceted benefits of enhancing overall CUET performance. Given the competitive nature of the exam, selecting the right mock tests is crucial for exceptional preparation, comprehensive support, and insightful analysis of areas needing improvement. By choosing a reputable CUET test such as, students can ensure thorough preparation and confidently approach the CUET with the potential for outstanding results.

FAQs on CUET Political Science Mock Tests

Q1. How do CUET political science mock tests help in exam preparation?

Ans: Mock tests in political science serve as a key preparation tool for the CUET exam. They help candidates evaluate readiness for the exam, understanding of the syllabus and skills essential to ace the CUET like time management. Mock tests simulate the environment of the CUET exam, enabling students to practice under similar conditions, thereby boosting their confidence, alleviating test anxiety, and cultivating efficient strategies for tackling various question formats within the political science section of the CUET.

Q2. Do mock tests directly impact performance in the CUET?

Ans: Mock tests have a direct impact on the candidate’s CUET performance. Mock tests offer valuable practice opportunities, helping students familiarise themselves with the exam format, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and refine their strategies. With consistent and focused practice through mock tests, students can significantly enhance performance in the CUET.

Q3. Can I use CUET political science mock tests for self-assessment?

Ans: Mock tests are exceptional tools when it comes to self-assessment. They allow candidates to understand their readiness for the CUET exam, proficiency in answering different types of questions and overall preparedness. By taking these mock tests, you can identify areas where you may need to improve and track your progress over time.

Q4. Are CUET political science mock tests free to access?

Ans: CUET is one of the most common competitive exams in the country. There are several free CUET political mock tests readily available on the internet. However, experts recommend utilising high-quality tests to ensure stringent standards when preparing for the CUET. Try for high-quality, customizable tests that can help you better prepare for the CUET.

Q5. Are CUET political science mock tests timed?

Ans: Since CUET is a timed exam, the mock tests too are timed. Candidates will have a predefined amount of time to complete the test similar to the time constraints of the actual CUET exam. Timing helps candidates manage time effectively during the exam and ensure completion within the allotted time frame. Mock tests from further help candidates practice their time management skills by customising the time constraints on the political science mock tests, thereby further enhancing their time management skills.
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