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The ISC or the Indian School Certificate is a Class 12 examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination or CISCE Board. It is commonly called the ISC Board exam. The ISC Board is widely recognized and focuses on providing a holistic and comprehensive education to students. The ISC Board syllabus 2023 is designed to prepare students for higher education and future professional endeavors, fostering their all-round development and success. offers online preparation assistance to students for ISC Board exams.

An Introduction to ISC

ISC is conducted by CISCE, a private board of school education in India. It is a class 12 exam. The ISC Board emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and a deep understanding of subjects across various disciplines. It offers a wide range of subjects including sciences, humanities, commerce, and vocational courses, catering to diverse career aspirations. The assessment system combines internal assessments and external examinations to evaluate students' knowledge and skills effectively.


With an unwavering commitment to achieving outstanding exam results, both students and parents are leaving nothing to chance. Their dedication encompasses securing admissions in prestigious schools, utilizing reference materials to deepen subject knowledge, and engaging in extensive preparations for the ISC Board exam. In this highly competitive environment, emerges as a valuable resource, offering a meticulously designed online exam preparation module specifically tailored for ISC Board exams.

Important Highlights of ISC Board 2023

Here are some important highlights of the ISC Board exam:
  • Theme-based and comprehensive curriculum addressing study areas and related environmental and social issues the matically.
  • Child-centric approach emphasizing student participation and engagement through experiential learning.
  • Gradual development of ISC Board syllabus for a progressive learning experience.
  • Involvement in learning experiences beyond textbooks, including activities, discussions, projects, surveys, and creative tasks.
  • Revisiting topics across higher classes for better understanding.
  • Integrated approach, connecting topics and subjects for a meaningful learning experience.
  • Focus on academic excellence as well as values and skills development.
  • Promotes holistic development, making students better individuals.
  • ISC Board results and certificate are accepted by most academic institutions across the country and overseas

ISC Board Class 12 Exam

The ISC Board Class 12 exam follows a comprehensive syllabus, encompassing various subjects in the streams of sciences, humanities, and commerce. Students are evaluated through a combination of internal assessments and external examinations, which assess their knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and application-based skills. Clearing the Class 12 exam with good results opens doors to prestigious universities, professional courses, and promising career paths.

ISC Board Exam Pattern

In the ISC Board Exam 2023, all students are required to select English as a compulsory subject. Additionally, they must choose three, four, or five elective subjects. It is essential to pass these subjects in order to obtain passing marks in the ISC Class 12 result for 2023. The minimum passing marks in the ISC exam are set at 35% for each subject. Each subject has an external examination and internal assessment. Some subjects also include projects and/or practical exams.

ISC Board Grading System

The ISC Board exam grading system is as follows:
Name of Subject Theory Project/ Practical Total Marks
English paper 1 80 20 100
English Paper 2 80 20 100
Accounts 80 20 100
Arts 3 papers of 100 marks each
Biology 70 30 100
Biotechnology 70 30 100
Business Studies 80 20 100
Chemistry 70 30 100
Classical Languages 80 20 100
Commerce 80 20 100
Computer Science 70 30 100
Economics 80 20 100
Elective English 80 20 100
Electricity and Electronics 80 20 100
Engineering Science 80 20 100
Environmental Science 70 30 100
Fashion Designing 70 30 100
Geography 70 30 100
Geometrical and Building Drawing 80 20 100
Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing 80 20 100
History 80 20 100
Home Science 70 30 100
Indian Languages 80 20 100
Mathematics 80 20 100
Modern Foreign Languages 80 20 100
Music 70 30 100
Physical Education 70 30 100
Physics 70 30 100
Political Science 80 20 100
Psychology 70 30 100
Sociology 70 30 100

ISC Board Exam Syllabus and Important Questions

To create a study plan that helps you score better, it is important to understand the ISC Board syllabus and gauge your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Here is a list of the ISC Board exam syllabus and important questions for your ready reference:
Syllabus Important Questions
Class 1 syllabus ISC Class 1 ISC – Important questions
Class 2 syllabus ISC Class 2 ISC – Important questions
Class 3 syllabus ISC Class 3 ISC – Important questions
Class 4 syllabus ISC Class 4 ISC – Important questions
Class 5 syllabus ISC Class 5 ISC – Important questions
Class 6 syllabus ISC Class 6 ISC – Important questions
Class 7 syllabus ISC Class 7 ISC – Important questions
Class 8 syllabus ISC Class 8 ISC – Important questions
Class 9 syllabus ISC Class 9 ISC – Important questions
Class 10 syllabus ISC Class 10 ISC – Important questions
Class 12 syllabus ISC Class 12 ISC – Important questions
Class 12 syllabus ISC Class 12 syllabus ISC – Important questions [SS1]
isc board exam 2023isc board exam

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How is the ISC Board different from other education boards in India?

Ans: The curriculum and assessment approach of the ISC Board is different from other education boards in the country. The ISC Board focuses on holistic education and in-depth understanding displayed by the students.

Q2. What resources are available for ISC students to prepare for exams?

Ans: ISC students can access study materials, sample papers, and reference books specifically designed for ISC board exams. Online platforms like offer exam preparation modules with question banks, personalized tests, and performance analysis.

Q3. Can ISC students pursue prof essional courses like engineering and medicine?

Ans: Yes, ISC Board students can pursue professional courses like engineering and medicine. They are eligible to appear for national-level entrance exams such as JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) and NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test).

Q4. How can help my child?

Ans: offers online exam preparation assistance to students. With a range of practice questions and test papers, students can prepare for their board exams in a structured manner.
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